The Ceramic Garden 2020

Last summer, over two wonderfully sunny days, our garden burst into life, not just with flowers, but with people and pots. Working with six other potters from west and north London, we created an outdoor exhibition, and perhaps a tradition.

Over that July weekend, we welcomed hundreds of neighbours and friends and even some people who had heard about the show and travelled from London’s outskirts. There were ceramic creations for all pockets, ranging from little yunomis and pinch pots priced at £10 to large sculptural pots that sold for hundreds of pounds.

Most importantly, both potters and visitors had a wonderful time. The icing on the cake, however, was the help we were able to give to one of my favourite charities, Sarcoma UK. A proportion of all sales was donated to this charity, which funds research into this rare form of cancer and supports those who are suffering from it. As my family has had a close encounter with sarcoma, I love being able to help Sarcoma UK.

We had been planning to have a second Ceramic Garden in June or July this year. But then . . . well, we all know what happened. Covid-19 or the corona virus, call it what you will, put paid to that plan. We haven’t given up, though. It may be possible to open up our garden to potters and those who love pots some time before summer sun has faded.

Even if Covid-19 does make a show this year impossible, we will not give up. The Ceramic Garden 2021 will be a celebration of the good times ahead.

If you’d like to be advised about plans for The Ceramic Garden and other exhibitions that I may be involved in, let me have your email address and/or phone number.

Stay safe, friends, and look to the future!

(Thanks to neighbour and friend Stephen Price for the above photo)