Work For Sale

All of the pieces that you see on this page, and many of those on the home page and in my Instagram feed, are for sale. Some are available through Paypal. However, If you want to pay for an item by bank transfer, please contact me and I will give you the details you need.

Unfortunately, PayPal does not give a good view of the pots. So I have included larger pictures of most items further down the page.

Of course, seeing a pot on a website is not the same as seeing it in a gallery or a shop. So if you have any queries or want a closer look at any piece on this website, contact me, and we can use FaceTime or Zoom to give you an all-round view.

Thanks and enjoy!

Pebble Pots

These small lidded pots, averaging 12cms in diameter, were inspired by the boulder beaches of the Falklands. Crackle glaze decoration to the main body and contrasting dark glaze on the lids.


Vase With Ammonites

Fossil forms are impressed into the blue body of this vase, which looks lovely with flowers spilling over the white-glazed brim.


Large Crackle and Blue Splash Bowl

This large piece (approximately 30 cms high and wide) has great presence and deserves space. It is decorated with crackle glaze and splashes of contrasting blue.


Silky Grey Glazed Bottle

This medium-sized thrown bottle is thickly glazed with intriguing dark brown iron subtly breaking through. Approximately 13 cms high.


Collection of Thrown and Faceted Bottles

Best arranged as a collection so the light can play on them, these faceted bottles have a clear glaze. Available (ideally) as a collection, they can also be bought individually for £40 each.


Tall White Bottle

This monumental piece is almost 60 cms high. Elegantly glazed in silky white, the lip is delicately embellished with oxide that runs into the surrounding glaze.


“There’s no right or wrong in art.

Your mistakes are your style”

Grayson Perry

Small (approx 12cms diameter) pebble pot, crackle glazed with gold lustre on rim. £65 ( S O L D )
Shallow bowl (approx 27cms diameter), unglazed dark stoneware externally, and with swirled contrasting glaze inside. £80
Pit-fired vase (approx 30cms diameter), unglazed with natural smoke and organic markings. £230
Tall coiled naturalistic vase. £200
Tall (approx 40cms) coiled vases decorated with copper oxide and clear glaze. £80
Tall thrown and deconstructed bottle decorated with slips, oxides and glazes. £200
Bottle in cream-white glaze with contrasting red splash. Approx 25 cms tall. £50.00
Vase with contrasting crackle and matt black glazes and gold lustre details. Approx 25 cms tall. £80.00
Large (approx 48 cm) white bottle, made in two pieces then fused together. Contrasting running oxide around rim. £95
Vase (approx 30 cms tall) with creamy white surface and unglazed ammonite impressions on two sides. Shiny black interior glaze. £70
Bottle (approx 25 cms tall) in cream with oxide neck and splashes. £60
Pair of facets bottles vases (approx 25 and 20cms high). £60 and £45
Blue bowl on crackle glazed pedestal (approx 24 cms high). £50
Large coiled and carved bowl with gold lustre detail, approx 28cms diameter. £80
Large bowl, iron-rich glaze inside and unglazed outside. Approx 34 cms across. £70
Low and wide coffee mugs. Glazed inside only. £15 each. Made to order.
“Swan” bottle (approx 40 cms tall) glazed thickly in cream-white and tenmoku. £80
Partially glazed bowl, about 25 cms diameter. £45
Another view the above partially glazed bowl. Design created using wax resist. Cat not included.
Very Christmassy candlesticks. £30 for the pair ( S O L D )