The Penguins and the Potter

King penguins at Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands

Above: “You can take the potter out of the Falklands, but not the Falklands out of the potter.”

Below: Take a virtual trip to the Falklands. And yes, that is the potter as a young boy. (Nice jumper.)

What’s it all About, Pingu?

I know. An explanation is needed. I was born in the Falkland Islands in the far-away South Atlantic, surrounded by millions of penguins and very few people.

Later, going to school in Uruguay, I discovered pre-Columbian pottery and modern ceramics. This set me on the path to becoming a potter. But only years later, when I left the Falklands and settled in the UK, could I achieve that ambition.

You can take the boy out of the Falklands but not the Falklands out of the boy. So when I was looking for a brand for my ceramics, I tipped my clay-encrusted hat to the birds I grew up with.

So there you have it. Born in the Falklands; made in Kilburn, London.

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