About Penguin Pots & Graham Bound

King penguins at Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands
“You can take the boy out of the Falklands but not the Falklands out of the boy”
Work being prepared for our Ceramic Garden show

I have a thing about both pots and penguins

I know. An explanation is needed. I was born in the Falkland Islands in the far-away South Atlantic, surrounded by millions of penguins and very few people.

Later, living in Uruguay, I discovered pre-Columbian pottery and modern ceramics. This set me on the path to becoming a potter. But only years later, when I settled in the UK, could I achieve that ambition.

You can take the boy out of the Falklands, but not the Falklands out of the boy. So when I was looking for a brand for my ceramics, I tipped my clay-encrusted hat to the birds that shared the land of my birth.

So there you have it. Penguin Pots: inspired in the Falklands, made in London.

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